European Agency Bids

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the EU means that the two EU Agencies currently located in the UK - the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Banking Authority (EBA) - will have to relocate elsewhere in the EU.

Ireland has submitted formal bids for both Agencies to relocate to Dublin. A number of other EU Member States have also submitted formal bids. The deadline for submissions has now passed, and the final decision on the relocations will be taken by EU Member States in November.

Ireland's bids indicate that relocation to Dublin would be the least disruptive move for EMA and EBA staff, while also offering an excellent quality of life in a safe, vibrant and multicultural city, with good air connectivity, where English is the main language.

Further detail on Ireland’s bids can be found below:

Government Statement on Brexit Preparations

Published 2 May 2017

The Government has issued a statement on Brexit preparations in which it:

  • welcomes the outcome of the weekend's European Council meeting and the overall approach to the forthcoming Brexit negotiations set out in the adopted Guidelines;
  • announces publication of its comprehensive Document on the positions and priorities that will underpin our engagement in the Brexit process over the next two years; and,
  • commits to preparation of a further policy paper on economic policy issues in a Brexit context.

A full copy of the Statement is available here.

You can read this document online below or download a printable version here

Ireland's Priorities

Published 15 March 2017

The decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union presents unprecedented political, economic and diplomatic challenges for Ireland. Challenges that extend right across the policy spectrum. 

This information booklet, Brexit: Ireland's Priorities, outlines the Irish Government's main priorities and concerns ahead of the Brexit negotiations. 

This booklet has been produced in advance of the triggering of Article 50 and to coincide with the ministerial travel programme for St Patrick's Day.  

You can read this information guide online below or can download a printable version here.