The Hunt for Ireland’s Top Silver Surfers

Google and Age Action have teamed up to search for Ireland’s top Silver Surfers and highlight the difference technology can make in older people’s lives. The awards were launched by Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte at Google Headquarters.

Preparations for Ireland's 2013 EU Presidency

EU Affairs Minister Lucinda Creighton today briefed the media on preparation for Ireland's Presidency of the EU in 2013....


Euroscience Open Forum - in pictures

Dublin City of Science 2012, a “year of science celebration” consists of over 160 science-related events, crossing art and culture....


Welcoming Ireland's new citizens

Since taking office, Jutice Minister Alan Shatter has granted citizenship to almost 28,000 applicants. attended one of the most recent...

TheGathering 066Post

Spotlight on The Gathering 2013

The Gathering 2013 aims to be the biggest tourism event ever held in Ireland. A calendar of significant festivals and events will take place throughout the...

OPW Free days: Visit Ireland's heritage sites

OPW Minister Brian Hayes announced recently the continuation of the OPW ‘Free Day’. The means that on the first Wednesday of every month this year...