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Howlin Announces Revised Model for Ministerial Appointments to State Boards

Building on the Government’s Decision of 2011 which established an open process operated by the Public Appointment Service inviting expressions of interest for membership of State Boards, Public Expenditure and Reform Minister Brendan Howlin has today secured the agreement of the Government to a Revised Model for Ministerial Appointments to State Boards.
Since 2011, over 200 state board vacancies have been filled on the basis of expressions of interest received on the portal.
Today’s decision complements the current system with a more structured approach requiring that all appointments to vacancies on State Boards must:
be advertised openly on the State Boards portal operated by the Public Appointments Service (PAS)
meet specific and detailed criteria determined by the relevant Minister as necessary for the effective performance of the relevant role; and
be processed by way of a transparent assessment system designed and implemented by the independent Public Appointments Service (PAS) to support the relevant Minister in making appointments to State Boards under his/her remit.
Speaking after Cabinet this afternoon, Minister Howlin said:

I am confident that these new requirements will provide us with the credible, transparent and robust appointments model which will ensure that vacancies on State Boards are populated by the high-calibre personnel required to successfully perform their challenging and demanding mandates.

Within six weeks, Minister Howlin will present an overarching set of guidelines for appointments to State Boards to the Government for approval. These guidelines will set out requirements which would be expected to apply to all State Board appointments in terms of the calibre and quality of candidates and broader public policy considerations relating to gender equality and other diversity objectives.

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