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Appointment to the Court of Appeal

At its meeting today, the Government nominated a serving Judge of the High Court, the Hon. Mr. Justice John Edwards for appointment by the President to the Court of Appeal.

On 29 October 2014, President Higgins, acting on advice from the Government, appointed the President and eight ordinary judges of the Court of Appeal. Today’s nomination is to fill the one remaining vacancy for an ordinary Judge of the Court of Appeal.

The Government has taken the necessary steps to formally advise President Higgins of the nomination in accordance with constitutional procedure.

11 November 2014

Note for Editors
Section 17 of the Courts and Court Officers Act 1995 provides that where the Government proposes to advise the President to appoint to judicial office a person who is…a judge of the High Court….the provisions of section 16 of that Act (which relate to the provision by the Judicial Appointments Advisory Board of a list of suitable nominees) shall not apply.

The Court of Appeal Act 2014 which was signed into law by the President on 20 July 2014 provided for the establishment of the new Court and made the necessary legislative provision to ensure that it would be accommodated within the existing courts’ structure. The Act also specified that the new Court would comprise a President and up to nine ordinary judges. The Court of Appeal was established on 28 October 2014, giving rise to the vacancies on that Court.

On 29 October, President Higgins, acting on advice from the Government, appointed the following judges to the Court of Appeal: The Hon. Mr. Justice Sean Ryan (President of the Court), The Hon. Mr. Justice Peter Kelly, The Hon. Ms. Justice Mary Finlay Geoghegan, The Hon. Mr. Justice Michael Peart, The Hon. Mr. Justice George Birmingham, The Hon. Ms. Justice Mary Irvine, The Hon. Mr. Justice Garrett Sheehan, The Hon. Mr. Justice Gerard Hogan and The Hon. Mr. Justice Alan Mahon.

Biographical Details for Mr. Justice John Edwards
Educated: University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, King’s Inns and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.
Called to the Bar: 1983
County State Prosecutor for the County of Kerry: 1986 to 1998
Called to the Inner Bar: 1998
Practised primarily in Criminal Law as a Senior Counsel
Appointed as a Judge of the High Court: 2007
Judge in Charge of the High Court Extradition and European Arrest Warrant list: 2011 to date
Member of the Advisory Board to the School of Law at the University of Limerick.