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CAST Competition for Irish Translators

Today, Seán Kyne T.D., Minister of State for Irish, the Gaeltacht and the Islands strongly encouraged Irish language speakers to apply for the positions of Irish Translators in European Union Institutes through the CAST competition which is under the control of the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO).
In order to achieve a permanent position as a translator in any of the European Institutions, the individual must succeed in a particular competition which is organised for this purpose: often referred to as the ‘EPSO’ competitions. The European Personnel Selection Office organises other competitions for ‘contract agents’ – which are called CAST competitions. The CAST competition has now been launched and translators may apply at (EPSO/CAST/P/22/2019).
The CAST list is there so that institutes may select individuals for temporary postitions where there is a temporary vacancy in the service (e.g. a person on career break or on parental leave, on sick leave etc.) or if, in exceptional circumstances,the service requires a work force to complete the work. Accordingly, the length of the contract is dependant on the requirements of the service at any given time.
Once a CAST list is compiled, any one of the institutes (e.g. The European Parliament, Council of the European Union, the European Commission,) may draw from this list to offer a person a contract. Depending on the institutes, the individual to whom the contract is offered would have to relocate to one of the Institute’s workplaces i.e Luxemburg, or Brussels for the duration of the contract.
Minister Kyne said:
“This competition provides Irish language speakers with new opportunities for professional development and international travel”.
“It is a great advantage that two languages e.g. Irish and English, suffice for applying for this competition. Those chosen shall have the opportunity to improve their skills in a third language also, whilst they are working in Europe. This is a good opportunity for individuals who wish to spend time working as translators in the European institutions, to fully experience advice and assistance from colleagues, as well as receiving regular feedback on their work.”
“I would encourage Irish language speakers to consider applying for these positions which are very well paid.”

This competition is being run by EPSO (European Personnel Selection Office) Applications may be made to the recruitment competition on the website

EPSO (European Personnel Selection Office) is organising a competition for proofreaders – information at: