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Grant of up to €225,000 has been sanctioned by Minister of State Kyne to Coláiste Uisce in order to promote the Irish language among teenagers

Seán Kyne T.D.,   Government Chief Whip and Minister of State for the Irish language, the Gaeltacht and the Islands announced today, 1 March, that he has approved a grant of up to €225,000 to Coláiste UISCE Teo., Cuan Eilí, An Eachléim, Co. Mhaigh Eo, to enable the college implement its activities for the good of the Irish Language, and to consolidate the language as the main spoken language especially among young people both in and outside of the Gaeltacht.

Announcing this grant while on a visit to the college, Minister Kyne stated that he was happy to be able to assist Coláiste UISCE in its work in the Eachléim peninsula which is evidently for the benefit of the Gaeltacht and the local economy.

The Minister continued “The College staff does valuable work in the advancement of the Irish language in North Mayo, and in promoting ownership of the language especially among young people. Having approved this significant funding, I hope that Coláiste UISCE will be able to use it to develop Leadership courses in the centre and it gives me particular pleasure that many of the courses will be directed towards teenagers from the Gaeltacht schools and the Gaelcholáiste. The sanctioning of this allowance is a practical plan – which will be of benefit to both the language planning process and the policy for Gaeltacht education."

This grant has been approved in accordance with provisions 2.13 and 2.14 in the Community and Language Support Programme under Réimse Gnímh 2: An Ghaeltacht  in the  Government’s Action Plan 2018-2022 in accordance with the 20 Year Strategy for the Irish Language, which was launched in June 2018.