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Use of Irish by Dublin Bus commended as Minister Kyne approves company’s new Language Scheme

Seán Kyne TD, Aire don Ghaeilge, don Ghaeltacht agus do na hOileáin, has approved the Irish Language Scheme for Dublin Bus and commended the organisation on its use of Irish across its services.
Minister Kyne said: “Having approved the new language scheme for Dublin Bus, I want to commend and congratulate the organisation for its clear commitment to increasing the visibility and use of An Ghaeilge.
“The use of an Ghaeilge on bus stop signage, on on-board signage and, in particular, on the internal digital displays and through the on-board information announcement system demonstrates Dublin Bus’s commitment to Irish.
“With a fleet of 1,020 buses, facilitating over 139 million passenger journeys each year, the announcement of each stop, as well as customer information, ‘as Gaeilge’ ensures that hundreds of thousands of people come into contact with the language on a daily basis.
“While difficult to quantify, I am certain that Dublin Bus’s use of Irish in this way has inspired at least some passengers to re-connect with Irish and has provided information on the Irish versions of street names, townlands and other landmarks across the Capital prior to their anglicisation.
“Dublin Bus has, I believe, shown what is possible when companies and organisations take a positive approach to the Irish language and provide an example for other organisations to follow.”

The preparation and publication of language schemes, and the submission of same to the Minister of State for the Irish Language, the Gaeltacht and the Islands, is a requirement of the Official Languages Act 2003. The schemes set out the ways in which an organisation will meet its obligations to provide services through Irish.