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Speech by the Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD IDA Ireland “Emerging Business” job announcement

Ladies and Gentleman,
I’m delighted to be here for this very welcome collective announcement of promising businesses that have come to Ireland from Germany, and Switzerland and the US to expand and grow.
I would like to personally congratulate all the individual companies and to welcome them all here - especially those who are new to Ireland.
1. Sinead (Devlin) from Emergenetics
2. Brian (Shuptar) from Paragon 28
3. Ian (Reither) from Telnyx
4. Michael (Landreth) from MacStadium
5. Patrick (Quinn) from Endura
6. Tobias (Luessi) from Compar
7. Cristiano (Bortolotti) from TPGS
8. Andreas (Rudyk) from Smartfrog
We are also welcoming Cloudbeds as part of today’s event. 
As you know, Ireland has been the beneficiary of significant Foreign Direct Investment over the years. One in five jobs in Ireland is supported by FDI - over 400,000 people in total. We are very grateful for these companies who have brought thousands of jobs and billions of Euros in investment projects. Today, we can add nearly 220 more jobs to this number. 
Ireland prides itself on its support for trade and enterprise. The opening of our economy in the last half century has transformed our society beyond all recognition. For this reason this Government is unapologetic in promoting a free trade agenda while other countries are more interested in putting up barriers. 
In Europe for example Ireland is part of a group effort seeking to progress the digital single market and break down the barriers to innovation across the continent. We’re also enthusiastic about the potential of trade deals such as the recent EU - Canada Agreement and look forward to developing a similar Agreement with the United States.  
Establishing new enterprise links is essential to our plan to build a strong economy.
In response to Brexit we recognise that competition for new investment will be very strong and as such we have to continue to be very competitive and attractive for new business.
In the recent Budget we increased the resources to the IDA and Enterprise Ireland to put more boots on the ground in target markets to help Irish businesses export more and to attract in new investment. 
We are committed to supporting a diverse range and size of companies such as those gathered here.  We are constantly seeking out new investment, new ideas, new creative skills, new entrepreneurs at the cutting edge of fast moving industries.  
Technology is changing so fast that there is a whole range of opportunities out there that have barely been recognised, except by leading entrepreneurs such as the ones represented here today.
We warmly welcome the fact that you have put your feet down here in Ireland and for those who already had a toe-hold here, that you are very firmly making a strategic commitment to us by expanding operations in our country. 
It cannot be easy for companies to take the big leap to establish themselves in another country, or another continent in the case of many of the businesses here today.  
But you are in good company here, with other businesses who have established a dynamic presence, and with a government that understands business and the possibilities of new technological development. In Ireland you are assured of positive support from the Government and our enthusiastic workforce. 
Over the lifetime of this and the previous Government, there has been significant progress made on increasing job creation and employment. Indeed, today presents a good opportunity to highlight the important contribution the Action Plan for Jobs process has made in helping to create a supportive environment to facilitate companies like you to generate economic activity and importantly create jobs. 
There are now 176,000 more people working than when the Action Plan for Jobs was first published in 2012. Ireland's total employment is now over two million people, a milestone which has not been achieved since 2009. 
Our focus on jobs and implementation of our annual action plan is relentless. Earlier this week the Cabinet signed off on the third quarterly report on the Action Plan for Jobs 2016. The first three progress reports show that strong implementation has continued.
I would like to note the contribution of the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and her officials in driving implementation of the plan and the hard work they are undertaking formulating the Action Plan for Jobs 2017.
We are also grateful for the work of IDA Ireland and for having the foresight to seek out fast growth and early stage companies with high potential. New niche areas are emerging all the time  and it requires diligence, application and a strong insight into what is viable and will emerge, to make this process work. 
I would like to wish you well in your new adventure on our shores. You will find a congenial environment here in terms of business opportunities, skills availability and competitive factors.
To conclude, I am delighted that you have made this step and we warmly welcome the new jobs that will be created.  Most of all we welcome you as pioneers, blazing a new trail, creating needs and services which did not exist only a short time ago.  We will follow your progress and your upward trajectory with keen interest.  
I wish you heartfelt success in your endeavours here in Ireland.