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Stunning collection of National Park photographs on exhibition


Killarney National Park Ranger Peter O’Toole who retired recently launches exhibition


The launch of A Ranger’s View – Killarney National Park will take place this Saturday 30th November, 2019 at 7pm in Killarney House and Gardens - the new visitor centre and gateway to Killarney National Park.


This exhibition will showcase the work of Peter O’Toole recently retired Killarney National Park ranger. He captured his love of nature in the photographs he took during his 40 career.


Nature was always a part of his life growing up in the beautiful town of Killarney where his father and grandfather introduced him to the lakes and hills surrounding this town. In June 1980 he secured his ‘dream job’ as a ‘Park Constable’ later given the title ‘Conservation Ranger’.


During these years Peter came to know the 26,000 acres of Killarney National Park intimately with his expertise focused on the management of the Red Deer, woodland conservation and the ongoing control of the invasive Rhododendron.


Killarney National Park has put together a beautiful photo exhibition of Peter’s photography showcasing the many scenic and less known places our conservation rangers encounter daily in the Park.


Speaking ahead of the launch Peter O’Toole said that:


‘Several years ago I took up landscape photography and this has given me the opportunity to capture the beauty of Killarney throughout the seasons of the year.

All my images are taken in the area of Killarney National Park and I have found that my accumulated knowledge of the park, along with the use of my boat allows me to view and capture Killarney’s beauty from a different perspective

This exhibition will be open to the public at Killarney House & Gardens seven days a week from 9am – 5:30am. Further information is available at


Further information on Peter O’Toole is available at