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Open Your Mind to Science

Dublin has been chosen to host Europe's largest science conference, the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) from 11-15 July this year. To celebrate this event in Dublin, the City of Science 2012, an innovative science themed festival will run throughout the year across the island of Ireland combining the best of Irish culture, arts and science.

Dublin City of Science 2012, a "year of science celebration" will consist of over 160 science-related events, crossing art and culture and including a science-themed St. Patrick's Day parade. The public are being asked to open their minds to science as Chief Scientific Adviser Professor Patrick Cunningham promises

2012 is the year where science becomes fun, exciting and entertaining for all.

Watch the conversation between Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Professor Cunningham on Dublin City of Science here.

Jobs Minister Richard Bruton said of the programme:

As a country we have a long history of scientific achievement, and in the past decade we have built upon that heritage with dramatic improvements in publicly-funded scientific research. Dublin City of Science is a great opportunity for Ireland to show the world that we truly are a centre of scientific excellence. I congratulate all involved and look forward to an exciting programme of events during the year.

The programme of events will see The Science Gallergy at Trinity college acting as a "hub" for Dublin City of Science. The flagship exhibition for the gallery this year will be "Hack the City", which invites a diverse group of participants from Ireland and beyond to use Dublin as a test band for urban innovation.

Read about some of the highlights of the festival here. spoke to some of those involved in the launch of Dublin City of Science 2012...