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Government Launches Action Plan for Education 2017


Children of Loreto Senior Primary School show Taoiseach Enda Kenny around the art room during the Launch of the 2017 Action Plan for Education

The Government today published the Action Plan for Education 2017, led by Minister Richard Bruton, aimed at making Ireland’s education and training system the best in Europe within a decade. 

The Action Plan for Education outlines hundreds of actions and sub-actions to be implemented in 2017 by the Department, its agencies and others across government. Timelines and lead responsibility have been assigned.

The 2017 Plan contains over 400 actions and sub actions. 

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said:

Education is a powerful instrument of social cohesion. It instils in each generation the deep-rooted values of the Irish people and impacts on social inclusion. It allows people to be independent, fulfilled, and to achieve their own dreams, whatever they might be.

Building on the Action Plan for Education 2016- 2019, the 2017 Plan shows great vision in working towards our overall ambition to have the best education and training service in Europe by 2026.

Education Minister Richard Bruton said:

In this plan, we set out the actions that we will take in 2017 as we work towards making the Irish education and training service the best in Europe within a decade. The cumulative impact of the implementation of the hundreds of actions and sub actions in the Action Plan will have a lasting and positive impact on the Irish education and training sector.

We are fortunate in Ireland to have so many dedicated and committed teachers. Through the Action Plan for Education we will support teachers with more promotional opportunities, more re-skilling opportunities. Coaching, mentoring and a post graduate qualification in School Leadership will all be introduced. 

Budget 2017 secured an extra €458 million (5.1%) in  funding for education to bring the total gross 2107 budget to 9.53 billion euro (its third highest level in history) and marking the start of a major programme of reinvestment in education, an important step on the road to becoming the best education system in Europe.

Consultation with stakeholders was an important part of the development of Action Plan for Education 2017. Consultation activity included an on line call for submissions, input from other Departments, regional fora, thematic workshops and other meetings with key stakeholders. 

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