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Tackling the burden of red tape imperative for small business - Perry

Minister for Small Business, John Perry today met with the members of the High Level Group on Business Regulation.  Thanking them for their achievements to date in tackling the red tape burden Minister Perry said,

The Group provides a great opportunity for dialogue between business, trade unions and Government.  These direct talks can not only tackle specific regulatory burdens and irritants but also provide a forum for us to develop the optimum regulatory environment for business.

Acknowledging their role in examining and reducing administrative burdens on business, the Minister stressed the importance of reducing business costs and the need for effective and efficient regulation to support enterprise and small business in particular.

Minister Perry congratulated both VIMA (Revenue and CSO) and the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) on the tools they have developed to assist business in reducing administrative burdens.  In particular he welcomed news from the HSA that the Risk Assessment and Safety Statement tool developed by the Authority will save businesses in the region of €42m per annum in terms of administrative burden reduction.

The full press release is available here.