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Programme for Government Annual Report launched

The Programme for a Partnership Government, published today, sets out an ambitious programme of work to protect our growing economy and ensure that the results are felt by all citizens. This one core objective, to make life better for everyone - individuals, families and business, is at the heart of the Government’s work.

This is the first Programme for Government Annual Report of this Government and it sets out progress on over 300 commitments across all of Government over the past 12 months. It reflects the hard work and dedication the Government has applied to its promises.

One key objective of the Government is to tackle the housing crisis. The first ever Minister for Housing was appointed and there has been a strong focus on deliver across the five pillars of the Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness which was published in July.

Unemployment has dropped from 8.4% to 6.2% since this time last year.  While committed to tackling the most pressing challenges Ireland faces, there is a continuing focus on increasing employment across the country. The first progress reports of the eight Regional Action Plans for Jobs show that employment increased in all regions and 70% of the new jobs added in 2016 were outside Dublin. An Action Plan for Rural Development was launched in January 2017, the first time a framework has been developed to provide a coordinated approach across Government to the economic and social development of rural areas.

Following the UK's decision to leave the EU, the Government has been clear on its Brexit priorities: minimising the impact on trade and the economy; protecting the Northern Ireland Peace Process; maintaining the Common Travel Area; and influencing the future of the European Union. Now that the EU's initial negotiating position is clear, the Government will prepare a further paper on economic implications of the Brexit challenge.

The Annual Report provides a comprehensive update on the progress of the commitments in its first year.

Download the Programme for Government Annual Report here