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Statement by An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Minister with Responsibility for Defence Paul Kehoe

An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, and Minister with Responsibility for Defence, Paul Kehoe, have welcomed the decision by the Permanent Defence Force Other Ranks Representative Association (PDFORRA) to accept the recommendations contained in the report of the Independent Public Service Pay Commission (PSPC).

The decision means that the two recognised representative associations for the Defence Forces have accepted the PSPC recommendations. 

Among the measures contained in the report include:

  • A 10% increase in Military Service Allowance (MSA), which will boost the earnings of the majority of Permanent Defence Force personnel by between €602 and €675 per annum.
  • The full restoration to pre-Haddington Road levels of the Security Duty Allowance and Patrol Duty Allowance.
  • The Restoration of the Premium Rates for certain Weekend Duties.
  • And the Reversal of the 10% cut in Overseas Allowance.

Welcoming today’s decision by PDFORRA, An Taoiseach said:

It’s very welcome news that PDFORRA has accepted this pay package, which will make a real difference to salaries for our Defence Forces. Increases will be paid to servicemen and women before Christmas. It follows the decision by officers last month to accept a similar offer. This will help us to attract and retain the personnel we need to serve and protect us both at home and abroad. The existing and next public service pay deal will add further benefits in 2020. The decisions by both PDFORRA and RACO will help us to get our Defence Forces back up to full strength but I fully accept that there is more we need to do on both pay and non-pay issues.

Minister Kehoe said:

PDFORRA’s decision today will ensure members of the enlisted ranks see real and tangible improvements in their pay, such as a 10 per cent increase in Military Service Allowance and the restoration of allowances reduced under Haddington Road.

I want to recognise the constructive roles that both PDFORRA and RACO have played in recent weeks in reaching this point. I want to see this positive engagement continue as we progress the Implementation Plan.

The most important outcome of this decision is that thousands of Permanent Defence Force personnel, both at home and overseas on peacekeeping missions, will see immediate benefits in their take home pay.