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Martin Fraser appointed as Secretary General

The Government, on the recommendation of the Taoiseach, have appointed Mr. Martin Fraser, Assistant Secretary, Department of the Taoiseach, to be Secretary General to the Government and Secretary General of the Department of the Taoiseach, with effect from 1st August 2011.

Mr Fraser has been an Assistant Secretary in the Department since 2007, having previously been Director of the Northern Ireland Division.  As Assistant Secretary, he has served as head of Northern Ireland Division, Corporate Affairs Division and Economic & Social Policy Division.

He joined the Department as Finance Officer in 1999.

He previously served in the Departments of Social Welfare, Foreign Affairs and Agriculture and Food.

He holds a B Comm Degree from UCD and an Msc (Econ) Degree from Trinity College Dublin.

On his appointment, Mr. Fraser will also become the Chairperson of the National Economic and Social Council.

Dermot McCarthy, who is retiring, was appointed Secretary General to the Government in January 2000 and Secretary General of the Department in July 2001.