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New framework for oversight of internet content - Rabbitte

Minister Rabbitte speaking at the press conference today

Minister Rabbitte speaking at the press conference today

Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte today published the Report of the Internet Content Governance Advisory (ICGA) Group. The report contains 30 recommendations from the expert group to be followed up by a team from five Government Departments.

The Minister reflected today on the wide ranging recommendations of the report which include changes to institutional, legislative and administrative governance arrangements and praised the Group’s proactive and consultative approach in preparing the report:

The Minister said:

When I formed the ICGA Group in December last year, I set them the challenging target of reporting to me by the end of May. They not only met this deadline but produced a high quality, comprehensive and insightful report with practical recommendations.

My thanks go to the Group’s Chairperson Dr Brian O’Neill who deftly steered the work of the Group and indeed to all the Group members who freely donated their time and expertise to this important contribution to policy formation on internet content governance in this country.

The Minister also announced the formation of an implementation group chaired by his Department and comprising representatives of the Departments of Children and Youth Affairs, Education and Skills, Justice and Equality, and Health, who will agree on and oversee the implementation of the ICGA Group recommendations.

Read the full press release here.

A copy of the ICGA group report can be downloaded here.