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Getting Ireland Brexit ready: Latest Government advice for those in the construction & building trade

The decision of the UK to leave the EU means change. Addressing the challenges of the UK leaving the EU, particularly without any deal, requires response at EU level, by Government, by citizens and responses by businesses and affected sectors.

As part of our preparedness and contingency planning, the Irish Government identified that those in the construction and building trade may be impacted by Brexit.

The following is the latest Government advice that we can give you to help minimise any disruption to your business if you operate in this sector.

Latest advice

Those in the construction sector and all businesses in the building trade are advised to:

  • Review their supply chain to assess the degree to which they rely on materials that come through or from the UK and vice versa.
  • If you buy or sell your materials from or to the UK you will need to prepare for any new customs arrangements and the impact they will have on your business. Revenue has a helpful video presentation available that provides a useful overview of key steps.
  • Check any certifications, licences or authorisations that apply to their products to ensure that these will be valid post-Brexit.

If you rely on UK notified bodies for certificates that demonstrate compliance with EU standards, these may no longer be valid post-Brexit. You will need to arrange to either transfer existing certificates to an EU27 Notified Body or to obtain new ones. Businesses can contact the NSAI for further information.

  • Assess and prepare for potential impacts on their cash flow, including in relation to currency fluctuations.


More information available on

Further information is available from, which is regularly updated with the latest developments so do check back regularly. This Government website provides practical advice to help businesses and citizens around the country to prepare for Brexit.