MerrionStreet.ie Irish Government News Service, brings together on one website, the latest news and updates from government.

We hope it is of value to a citizen, to a journalist or to any interested party in Ireland and around the world.

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MerrionStreet.ie is produced by a team in Government Buildings, involving the Government Information Service, Government Press and IT.

We hope journalists find MerrionStreet.ie a useful reference point, and are free to report and use its elements. It will allow people with an interest in the work of government to view latest developments on one website, which over time will become a valuable archive of information.

Government Buildings is the centre of government. It is from here that An Taoiseach, the Head of Government, co-ordinates the work of the Government. The Cabinet meets on a weekly basis. It is where government decisions are made. The Taoiseach sets broad government policy.

The perspective of MerrionStreet.ie starts with the work of the Taoiseach and reaches out to wider government, reporting what it regards as important government events and issues. MerrionStreet.ie does not engage in any party political comment.

It will allow a citizen to hear or read again, the words of the Taoiseach or a Minister on an important subject. It will allow you to review speeches in full, giving you a clearer picture of government intent.

The staff who work on MerrionStreet.ie adhere to the Civil Service Code of Standards and Behaviour, a copy of which is available at the Codes of Conduct page on the Standards in Public Office Commission’s website.