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Ministers Martin and Humphreys Announce Release of More Historic Records Online

Additional images taken from the Registers of Death for the years 1871 to 1877 are now available to view on the website, In total, images for 671,599 Death entries have been added to the website meaning over 15.5 million register records are now available to the public to view and research online on the website.

The records now available online include:

  • Birth register records – 1864 to 1919
  • Marriage register records – 1845 to 1944
  • Death register records – 1871 to 1969

Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, Catherine Martin, T.D., welcomed this latest release:

"This release of death register data by the Civil Registration Service is part of an ongoing partnership between my Department and the Department of Social Protection, Community and Rural Development and the Islands. The aim is to make all of these historic records freely and easily accessible to all members of the public both at home and throughout our Diaspora".

Ms Heather Humphreys T.D., Minister for Social Protection said:

“I welcome the addition of these further years of Civil Death register entries. I had the pleasure four years ago of making most of these records available on the website, when I was Minister for the Arts, and it is wonderful to see that the Civil Registration Service of my Department has now nearly made all of these records available to be searched freely online”.


Notes for Editors

The records being launched are the images of the Death register entries covering the years 1871 to 1877. These images would contain information on the deceased including their name and age at death. They are also useful for providing details such as location at death and the informant. Information such as this is of great value in tracing family history and combined with the civil register entries of Births and Marriages can greatly assist those who would like to know more about their family history.

The website provides access to:

  • 6,593,707 Civil Birth Register entries;
  • 1,904,435 Civil Marriage Register entries; &
  • 6,876,239 Civil Death register entries.

The website is free to use and no subscription or registration is required to use it.

The years covered by the historic records of Births, Marriages and Deaths available on the website are:

Births:             1864 to 1919

Marriages:     1845* to 1944

Deaths:          1871** to 1969

* Civil Registration of Marriages in the Roman Catholic Church only commenced in 1864.

**The Civil Registration Service are currently working on updating the remaining records of Deaths dating back to 1864. These will be included in future updates to the records available on the website.

Site usage - Number of Site Visits to the civil records site in 2020 up until 2nd September was 3,194,738.

Every year, an additional year of Birth, Marriage and Death entries are added to the website.

A separate joint project between the two Departments will allow the publication of a number of other registers held by the Civil Registration Service. These registers include a record of Irish personnel killed during World War 1, army registers relating to births, deaths and marriages and similar registers maintained by the consular services. Further details on this project will be announced in due course.