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An Post - Helping Connect our Community

Helping connect our community

Postmen and women will now not just deliver the post, they will ring the bell to check in on older and vulnerable people living our communities, being a practical & TRUSTED point of connection with our most vulnerable people. They will take messages and connect to local shops and pharmacist and through to a wider network of support organisations. We will start doing this today, and all public health social and physical  distancing guidelines will be operating by every postman, at every door, every time. 

Helping people stay in touch

The postmen and women will now also not just deliver the post, they will also collect letters and parcels from the older and more vulnerable meters of our community. There will be no charge for this to the citizens. 

Helping say hello!

We are encouraging everyone to reach out to their friends and family and An Post have already delivered 2million postcards across the country, with another 3 million to come, all freepost, and we would like everyone to send there loved ones a special message in these challenging times. 

Helping people keep up with the news

We are acutely aware as to how isolated and cut off some people feel and how difficult it can be to stay in touch, so An Post are going to deliver the newspaper, starting next week, and focusing first in the older and vulnerable people in our community. Registration will be live over the weekend, and there will be no additional delivery cost for citizens. 

All of these initiatives have been developed working between Government, An Post and in partnership with the Communications Workers Union, and we would like to acknowledge their leadership and sense of national collegiality of  the CWU at thus trying time.