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Rabbitte launches National Broadband Plan

  • State Investment of €175M envisaged

Communications Minister, Pat Rabbitte, today launched “Delivering a Connected Society – A National Broadband Plan for Ireland” which will facilitate the provision of high speed broadband to every home and business in the State over the lifetime of the Government.  The plan is focussed on ensuring internet speeds for Irish consumers that are much faster than those generally available today.  The plan is the result of detailed engagement with stakeholders including the telecommunications industry.

 National Broadband Plan Targets:

  • 70Mbps - 100Mbps to more than half of the population by 2015;
  • At least 40Mbps, and in many cases much faster speeds, to at least a further 20% of the population and potentially as much as 35% around smaller towns and villages; and
  • A minimum of 30Mbps for every remaining home and business in the country – no matter how rural or remote.

Minister Rabbitte said

I want everyone in Ireland to have access to at least 30mbps download speeds no matter how rural their home or business.  In addition I’m setting a higher target of at least 40mbps for many areas outside the cities.  

 “Despite the pressure on Government  finances we will invest public funds so as to make sure more thinly populated areas are not left behind.  Internet connectivity is now as important for both employment and society as electricity has been for the last 60 years.

We will also do everything in our power to facilitate commercial investment so that speeds of up to 100Mbps are offered to as many households as possible.  Many urban homes can already access that sort of speed but we want to get the regulatory environment right, to strip away barriers to private sector investment and to encourage demand for higher band-with services.  

Emphasising the importance of broadband for jobs, growth and sustainability as well as bridging the digital divide, the Minister added:

 “High speed broadband will bring economic and social benefits across Ireland.  This Plan lays the foundation for further momentum along our path to recovery.  The resulting high speed broadband will be crucial for innovation, crucial for job creation and crucial for the continued attraction of inward investment to Ireland. The emphasis on universal access will ensure balanced benefits, delivering the connected society, at higher speeds, to all.”

A full copy of the National Broadband Plan can be found by clicking here

Read Minister Rabbitte’s press release in full here