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One-Millionth Document Filed Online at Companies Registration Office - Bruton

The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton TD, today [Monday] welcomed the latest figures for documents filed electronically with the Companies Registration Office (CRO).

Companies filing with the office this month smashed through the 1,000,000 e-form barrier at a rate that now sees over 58% of all documents filed with the CRO being transmitted online which is faster, safer, easier and cheaper. This marks a significant change from just 8 years ago when over 350,000 multi-paged documents would have arrived annually in paper format and by post at the CRO.

Speaking at the CRO to mark the milestone, Minister Bruton highlighted the Government’s ever-increasing drive towards better e-government service provision and re-iterated that electronic filing is a win-win for both companies and the CRO, resulting in time and money savings.

The Minister said:

“Government does not create jobs, expanding businesses do, but Government has a crucial role to play in creating the conditions where those businesses can grow. As I have said repeatedly, to do this we have to focus on three things: improving access to finance, reducing costs to business and encouraging innovation in every way possible.

“A determined drive to improve the provision of government services online plays a crucial role in this, through reducing costs to businesses and the taxpayer and in government leading by example through innovation. Today’s news that the one-millionth online document has been filed at the CRO shows what is possible – but we must do more.

“In 2010 companies saved €3.9 million on filing fees alone; however, a further €2million could have been saved if all companies had availed of the online filing facility. Clearly it makes sense that companies and those presenting on their behalf make use of the electronic forms available from CRO and the new PDF accounts and electronic signing system introduced last year for company annual returns. This system poses an ideal opportunity to save on printing, postage and filing costs”.

“This Government is committed to doing everything in its power to help Irish business regain its edge and a key focus of this is reducing unnecessary red-tape and administrative costs for business. The cost-saving online options offered by the Companies Registration Office is just one example of how businesses can reduce costs and I would urge all company directors to avail of this facility.” concluded Minister Bruton.