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Minister Kehoe awards 1916 Commemorative and Long Service Medal to Civil Defence volunteers

During a ceremony at Croke Park today, Minister with Responsibility for Defence, Paul Kehoe T.D. presented a new 1916 Commemorative medal to Civil Defence volunteer representatives from local authorities throughout the country. The Medal will subsequently be distributed to all members of Civil Defence throughout the country who were in active service with Civil Defence between 1st January 2016 and 31st December 2016.

The Minister was also in Croke Park to present long service medals in recognition of extensive voluntary service by members of Civil Defence. The Minister presented these awards to 70 Civil Defence members with service of 30, 40 and 50 years.

Addressing the ceremony the Minister said: “Civil Defence is a very special organisation which is now over 65 years old. No other organisation offers the range of supports that Civil Defence can to the frontline services across casualty, rescue, communications, auxiliary fire, welfare and warden services. The variety of tasks which Civil Defence are involved in, is evidence of the ability and flexibility of the organisation in responding to a wide variety of emergencies.”
In praising the role of volunteers in Irish society, Minister Kehoe said: “Civil Defence volunteers are ordinary members of the community, who go that extra mile by training and obtaining qualifications and making themselves available for voluntary service. I have the utmost respect and admiration for anyone who gives up their spare time to assist in their local communities. To volunteer at any time is to be admired. To volunteer for an extended length of time deserves special recognition. A medal is a small reward but it represents a big thank you for your service.”

In presenting the 1916 Commemorative medal Minister Kehoe said: “On behalf of the Government I am delighted to be able to honour all the members of Civil Defence who served during 2016. I hope that this medal will act as a reminder of the special year that was 2016.”

Note to Editor:
Civil Defence is a volunteer based organisation that supports the front line emergency services. The Department of Defence is responsible for the strategic management and development of Civil Defence at national level. Civil Defence services are delivered at local level by the relevant Local Authority.

Volunteers join Civil Defence through the local authority for their area. Civil Defence has almost 4,000 volunteer members based in every local authority area throughout Ireland.

Civil Defence volunteers are trained in multiple skills which makes them highly valued by the agencies they support. This includes providing support to the principal response emergency services in dealing with severe weather, flooding, major accidents and searching for missing people. Civil Defence also provides support at many national events, local community events, sporting events and concerts.