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Minister Kehoe officially opens new Transport Workshop Maintenance Facility at Stephens Barracks, Kilkenny

The Minister with Responsibility for Defence, Mr Paul Kehoe, T.D. officially opened the new Transport Workshop Maintenance Facility at Stephens Barracks, Kilkenny today.

The Department of Defence is engaged in an ongoing capital building programme designed to modernise and enhance the Defence Forces training, operational and accommodation facilities available to members of the Defence Forces. The new Transport Workshop is part of this programme.

The fleet located in Stephens Barracks covered over one million kilometres on-road driving last year. Commenting on the work that has been carried out the Minister said, “This workshop provides the Barracks with a State of the Art facility capable of servicing and repairing all vehicles on location in Stephens Barracks and also provides a more efficient and safer work environment for the people that work within it”.

The cost of the new facility is just under €1m. The Minister noted “this is a significant investment in building infrastructure for the benefit of the defence organisation. It will ensure that vehicle off-road time is kept to a minimum, and that the Unit maintains its fleet in a serviceable condition to assist with all requirements placed on it for operational, administration and training needs.”

The Minister welcomed the retired members who attended today’s event and acknowledged their commitment over many years in maintaining the fleet of vehicles located in Stephens Barracks.

Minister Kehoe also paid tribute to the contribution of all those who were involved in delivering the facility, the Defence Forces, Department of Defence staff, the Design Team and the contractor who all worked together to deliver the final project.

Before concluding his visit to Stephens Barracks Minister Kehoe took the opportunity to welcome 46 newly inducted recruits. In speaking with each new recruit the Minister "thanked them for choosing a rewarding career in the Defence Forces and wished them every success in their recruit training and into the future."

Editor’s Note:

· The cost of the construction of the facility is €920,000.00.

· Another Transport Workshop will open is Sarsfield Barracks, Limerick shortly.