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Peacekeeping Training capabilities pledge announced at Vancouver summit by Mr. Paul Kehoe T.D., Minister with Responsibility for Defence

Minister Paul Kehoe, T.D., today announced details of additional peacekeeping training pledges by Ireland at the United Nations Peacekeeping summit of Defence Ministers in Vancouver, Canada.
In his address to the delegates the Minister said “Ireland is acutely aware of the challenging nature of the missions we assign to our personnel. We are also aware of the importance of having personnel trained to the highest standards in advance of deployment”.
The Minister went on to say, “Today I can announce a number of additional training capabilities for delivery in Ireland and in partner countries overseas. I believe these new training pledges are concrete proposals that will enhance existing UN peacekeeping training and capacity-building initiatives.”
The aim of the UN Conference is to secure pledges from troop and police contributing countries in respect of capability gaps in UN missions and to build partnerships among UN Member States and international organisations.
The Minister further commented that in making this pledge, “Ireland draws on the wide range of experience gained by Irish peacekeeping soldiers on their many missions world-wide.” Ireland remains strongly committed to its active role in UN Peacekeeping Operations and takes pride in our unbroken record of UN service of almost six decades.

Notes for the Editors
The Vancouver Conference builds on previous summits in New York (2014 and 2015) and London (2016), at which Ireland made a number of training pledges. Ireland has made available a range of training courses which are run in the UN School in the Curragh. A range of additional courses can be run in a host country. These include:

Training for delivery in Ireland: Training for delivery in Requesting Country

International Protection of Civilians: To enhance knowledge and critical understanding of the multiple dimensions and meanings of the protection of civilians in armed conflicts. Core Pre Deployment Training: To prepare peacekeeping personnel to function as peace-keepers in a professional and confident manner.
International Civil Military Relations: Introduces the concepts of Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) and Civil-Military Coordination Staff Officer: To prepare peacekeeping personnel to function as Staff Officers at Force, Sector and Unit HQ levels in a professional and confident manner.
International Human Rights Train the Trainers: Participants are provided with an understanding of the legal and operational Human Rights issues in the mission area.
Counter IED: The All Arms Counter Improvised Explosive Device Course will educate and train students in the core capabilities of C-IED in a high threat IED environment.
Mine Awareness: Provides an awareness of mines and munitions.