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Minister Bruton departs on 5-day 3-city trade and investment mission to China and Korea

41 Irish companies to participate in Enterprise Ireland programme targeting

increased exports to high-growth Asian market

13 IDA meetings and events aimed at persuading Asian companies to invest

and create jobs in Ireland

21st June 2014

The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD, today

(Saturday) departs on a 5-day, 3-city trade and investment mission to China

and Korea, jointly organised by Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland.

This is Minister Bruton’s 21st trade/investment mission since taking office

40 months ago. This Government has doubled the number of trade missions

since taking office, as part of its strategy to support increased exports

and jobs.

41 Irish companies are participating on the trade mission with the


The 5-day mission to Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul comprises a total of over

40 meetings and events, including:

· 16 meetings/events aimed at supporting increased exports by Irish

companies to Asia, by facilitating contacts and enhanced

relationships with Asian companies and public bodies, organised by

Enterprise Ireland

· 13 meetings with Chinese and Korean companies considering investing

in Ireland, organised by IDA Ireland

· 6 meetings with Government Ministers and Agencies, as part of a

strategy to build relations with the Chinese and Korean Governments

on economic issues

· Key note speeches at two high-level China Ireland Technology Summits

in Beijing and Shanghai organised by Enterprise Ireland/IDA Ireland

with Atlantic Bridge and West Summit Capital

· 3 meetings with Chinese and Korean media, as part of the plan to

communicate the story of Ireland’s recovery around the world

Speaking before departing today, Minister Bruton said:

“At the heart of the Government’s plans for jobs and growth is our

determination to rebuild a new sustainable economy based on exports,

innovation and enterprise. We have put in place a range of new supports for

exporters, including extra resources in foreign markets for the

job-creation agencies, a new Potential Exporters Division in Enterprise

Ireland, tax incentives to attract key multinational executives and to

support Irish companies to place staff in foreign markets, and we have also

doubled the number of trade missions.

“Key growth markets in Asia are particular targets, and since the Taoiseach

and I travelled to China in 2012 on a high-level official visit, the

Government has stepped up our efforts to improve our performance in exports

to this region. This has started to show results, with for example a 23%

increase in Irish companies’ exports to China in 2013. On the FDI side,

China and Korea are home to some of the biggest companies in the world,

many of whom are interested in Ireland as a gateway to Europe.

“Given the opportunity that exists in these massive markets, I am

determined to build on this progress, further increase our exports and

support the jobs in Ireland that we need”.

The programme for the trade and investment mission has been organised by

the Agencies of Team Ireland and the Irish Embassy in each country.

Media Contact Information –

Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation – Press Office - ph: 631

2200, email or Conor Quinn, Press Advisor, 087-3743783


The Action Plan for Jobs includes a commitment by Government to carry out

an intensive programme of Ministerial-led trade and investment missions.

Since the Plan was launched in early 2012 the number of trade missions led

by Enterprise Ireland, for example, has doubled, from an average of 8.5

(2007-2011) to an average of 17 (2012 and 2013).

This is Minister Bruton’s 21st major trade/investment mission in more than

three years since taking office in March 2011.

The 20 previous missions undertaken comprise:

· Six IDA investment missions to the USA, three to the east coast, two

to the west coast and one encompassing the East Coast, South and


· Six Enterprise Ireland trade missions, one to Texas, one to the

south-eastern USA, one to India, one to Saudi Arabia and India, one

to Canada and one to France accompanied by hundreds of Irish

companies looking to break into new export markets

· A 7-day joint EI/IDA mission to China led by the Taoiseach in 2012,

and a further joint EI/IDA mission to China and Japan led by Minister

Bruton in 2013

· A joint 5-day EI/IDA mission to the USA in March 2014

· An EI mission to the Gulf led by the Taoiseach in January 2011

· A joint trade mission to Singapore and Malaysia with the UK and NI


· A 5-day EI/IDA trip to the west coast of the USA built around St

Patrick’s Day 2012

· A 4-day mission to Germany around St Patrick’s Day 2013, and a 2-day

mission to Germany around St Patrick’s Day 2011, including a series

of meetings arranged by IDA Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, Bord Bia and

Tourism Ireland.



Sunday, 22 June 2014 (Beijing)

15.05 Arrive Beijing

18.00 Short Briefing/Review of Programme with Team Ireland, China

19.00 Informal meeting with Irish participating companies

Monday 23 June (Beijing)

07.45 Depart Hotel

08.30 Seminar: An Introduction to Doing Business in China by CKGSB

Participants: China leg Trade Mission Companies

Short Bilateral meeting with leadership of CKGSB

10.30 Meeting with IDA target company (financial services)

12.15 Arrive at Summit Conference venue

Light Working Lunch/Briefing Opportunity

13.00 Ministerial individual company meetings

13.00 Slot 1 IDA Client

13.25 Slot 2 IDA Client

13.50 Slot 3 EI client

14.15 Brief meeting with Deputy Director General of CIETC

14.30 China Ireland Technology Summit

Focus: Irish & Chinese technology companies, 150 attendees

15.30 Further Ministerial individual company meetings

15.55 Slot 4 IDA

Slot 5 (EI)

Slot 6 (EI)

Slot 7 (EI)

Slot 8 (EI)

17.00 Media Engagement

interview with Bloomberg Business Week China - MSL

18:30 Briefing with Irish attendees at dinner

19.30 Private Dinner with 8-10 Chinese leading technology companies

in conjunction with IDA and Enterprise Ireland, hosted by


Tuesday 24 June (Beijing)

08.30 Depart Hotel

09.30 Meeting with Meeting with leadership of Chinese sovereign

wealth fund, accompanied by NTMA

11.00 Meeting with Ministry of Commerce

14.00 Meeting with IDA target company (financial services)

16:00 Enterprise Ireland meeting, energy sector

18.00 Depart City for Airport

20.00 Depart on flight to Shanghai

Wednesday, 25 June (Shanghai)

07.40 Depart Hotel (Travelling delegation check-out)

08.00 Business Breakfast with Enterprise Ireland client and Chinese

partner company

10.00 Meeting with IDA target company, pharma sector

11.10 Media Engagement

11.55 Meeting IDA client, ICT sector

13.15 Ministerial individual company meetings

Slot 1 (EI)

Slot 2 (EI)

Slot 3 (EI)

14.00 Meeting slots end

14.15 Meeting with Shanghai Municipal Government Representatives

14.45 China Ireland Technology Summit

Focus: Irish & Chinese technology companies, 80-100 attendees

15.30 Minister and delegation depart for Pudong Airport

16.20 Arrive Pudong Airport

18.05 Depart Shanghai for Seoul,


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

20.45 Minister and Delegation Arrive

Thursday, 26 June 2014 (Seoul)

08.30 - 9.30 Breakfast briefing for Minister Bruton on Programme in


10.30 Meeting with IDA target company, life sciences sector

11.30 Informal Lunch

12.30 Depart for Incheon

14.00 – 15:00 Meeting with IDA target company, technology sector

16:30 – 18:15 Media Interviews

The Korea Joongang Daily

Hankyung (The Korea Economic Daily)

18:30 – 21:00 Ireland Korea Business Networking Event

Friday, 27 June (Seoul)

8:40 Meeting with Korea Biomedicine Industry Association


10:00 Meeting with President of Korea International Trade

Association (KITA)

11:00 – 12:00 Life Science Sector Briefing by Country Managers & Korean


12:00 – 13:30 Enterprise Ireland Trade Lunch

14:00 Meeting with IDA client company

16:00 Meeting with Minister of Science, ICT and Future

Planning (MSIP)

17:00 Meeting with EI client and Korean partner company

23:50 Minister departs Incheon Airport for Ireland