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Minister Bruton leads 5-day IDA Ireland Investment Mission to East Coast USA

Jobs Minister Richard Bruton departs today to lead a five-day mission to the East Coast of the US, to meet companies considering investing and creating jobs in Ireland.

The IDA mission to Boston, New York City and surrounding areas will focus

particularly on companies in the financial services sector and the Minister

will meet a total of over 40 companies ranging from start-ups to

multi-billion dollar world-leading companies.

Minister Bruton will also attend functions attended by a further 20-25 IDA

client companies, as well as the Ireland-US Council dinner in New York.

Before departing, Minister Bruton said:

A key part of the Government’s plans for jobs and growth is to attract more international companies to invest in Ireland. Through the Action Plan for Jobs, we are continuing to improve our competitiveness, to improve our skills, and to undertake a very intensive programme of trade and investment missions. The multinational sector has performed very well recently after a very challenging three years between 2008 and 2010. In the past two years over 12,000 jobs have been added with very significant investments like those from PayPal, eBay, Mylan, Apple, IBM, EMC and Northern Trust.

This has made a major contribution to the positive trends we are now seeing with over 3,000 jobs being added every month across the private sector, compared to the 7,000 that were being lost every month before we took office.

We must work hard to build on this performance, to attract more investments, to target more fast-growing emerging companies as well as global leaders, and to ensure that when these companies come to Ireland they provide even greater benefit to Ireland through supply chains and

involvement in the local economy. I look forward to the intensive programme of meetings this week, to discussing these companies’ future plans and Ireland’s role in them, and I am confident that this will lead to investments and jobs for Ireland in the near future.

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