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McConalogue announces €1.8m EMFF grants supporting €4.5m investment in 28 aquaculture enterprises

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue T.D., today announced the award of €1,811,461 in grants to 28 aquaculture companies under his Department’s European Maritime and Fisheries Fund Programme. The grant awards will support total investment of €4.5 million in the aquaculture sector.  The grants are co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union and are subject to terms and conditions.

Minister McConalogue said, “I am delighted to be in a position today to provide €1.8 million in grants to 28 ambitious aquaculture companies to further the growth of their businesses and our aquaculture sector. These grants will support €4.5 million in investment in oyster, mussels, trout and seaweed farming.  Despite two major challenges in the form of Covid and Brexit, these 28 aquaculture businesses are showing confidence in the future of their sector and are expanding their production to meet strong market demand for their quality products.”

Minister added, “In recent years my Department invested in eliminating the licensing backlog for shellfish aquaculture producers and this is I believe being reflected in the large number of grant applications being submitted by shellfish aquaculture producers, showing renewed confidence in their capacity to expand with regulatory certainty.”

Note to Editors:

Ireland’s EMFF Operational Programme 2014-2020 provides €240m in funding to the seafood sector (fisheries, aquaculture and seafood processing) over the period 2014 to 2020. The Programme is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union.

Two EMFF support schemes are available to the aquaculture sector to help achieve the aims of the Government’s National Strategic Plan for Sustainable Aquaculture Development, published in 2015. The Plan is seeking to sustainably grow production by 45,000 tonnes.  The Plan is presently being updated for the 2021-2030 period. 

The EMFF Sustainable Aquaculture Scheme supports capital investment by licensed aquaculture enterprises to sustainably grow production and reduce environmental impact of aquaculture, together with costs of organic certification of aquaculture production.  The EMFF Knowledge Gateway Scheme promotes and supports innovation, technological development and disease management in the aquaculture sector.

Grant approvals - Sustainable Aquaculture Grant Scheme




Total Investment

EMFF Grant

Dúlra Iorras Teoranta




Capacity building in a new seaweed production farm and purchase of equipment





Mannin Seafoods Ltd






Mussel Organic Certification






Mulroy Bay Mussels Ltd



Mussel Organic Certification.    





B.C. Shellfish Ltd



Capacity building and increasing production on your oyster farm



Donegal Aquaculture Services Ltd




Construction of Oyster packing facility




Cooley Oysters Ltd



Capacity building and expanding of your oyster farm



Crocknagee Oysters Ltd



Construction of oyster handling facility and purchase of equipment including tractors.



Fitzpatrick Oysters Ltd



Phase 2: Purchase of Farm Equipment




Goatsbridge Trout Farm Ltd


Upgrade of Production Facilities




Inish Sal Teoranta





Purchase of trestles, hooks, bags and other equipment to further establish the existing business.





Irish Oysters Harvest Ltd



Capacity building and expanding of an oyster farm



Dingle Bay Shellfish Ltd



Purchase of a new flat bottom oyster barge and grader




Keenan Oysters Ltd




Increasing the production area of an oyster farm




Mr. Liam O’Connor



Increase capacity of oyster farm




Mr. Kevin Kilroy




Start of New Business & Capacity Building of Oyster Farm




Mr. Michael Scannell





Capacity Increase of Oyster Farm




Natura Mussels Ltd 



Enhancement of offshore lines to produce oysters using floating bags.




Ocean Run Ltd



Improvement of mooring system and expansion of reusable collector rope




Poulnasherry Oysters Ltd



Purchase of Oyster Bagging Machine




Saddle Rock Fisheries Ltd





Purchase of trestles and bags to develop new oyster sites at Saddle Rock Fisheries Ltd.






Sofi Shellfish Ltd




Increase capacity of an Oyster Farm




Trabay Ltd



To increase and secure oyster production




Turkhead Enterprises Ltd



Purchase of mussel line moulds, ropes and bags




Wild Atlantic Sea Products Ltd



Deployment of seaweed farm




Cromane Bay Shellfish



Purchase of circular grader and oyster barge




Sciana Mara Teoranta



To build capacity and upgrade, to increase efficiency and deal with bigger volumes



Oisri Min an Chairn Teoranta



Capacity building of new oyster sites




Dooriel Fisheries Ltd



Upgrade to Water Oyster Grading Line


€ 21,312