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Visit of Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Defence Simon Coveney to Iran

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Defence, Simon Coveney, T.D., will visit Iran on 7 March. He is set to meet with President Rouhani and Minister for Foreign Affairs Zarif.

Ahead of the visit, the Minister said:

“Ireland has been appointed as Facilitator for Resolution 2231 on the Security Council. This Resolution provides for the Security Council’s engagement with the Iranian nuclear deal, the JCPOA. “Ireland is a strong supporter of the JCPOA. In our role as Facilitator, Ireland is keen to maintain a close dialogue with all actors, and encourage all parties to return to full compliance with the agreement. “The visit will also be a valuable opportunity to discuss the JCPOA, along with other key issues in the Middle East, many of which feature on the agenda of the Security Council.” The Minister added: “This visit also comes at an important moment in our bilateral relationship, following the decision of the Government this week to designate a Chargé d’Affaires to Tehran, and to work towards the re-establishment of an Irish Embassy in Tehran by 2023.”


Press Office

5 March 2021

Notes to Editor:

  • Ireland is Facilitator of Resolution 2231 on the Security Council. In this role, Ireland updates the Council on progress towards implementing Iran’s nuclear agreement, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.
  • The JCPOA was agreed in 2005 between Iran and the E3+3 (France, Germany, UK, US, China, Russia). The US, under President Trump, withdrew from the agreement in 2018. The Biden Administration has indicated a willingness to re-engage with the JCPOA, should Iran come back into compliance.
  • On 2 March the Government announced the re-establishment of an Irish Mission in Tehran, to be headed at Chargé d’Affaires level. The Mission will be co-located with the German Embassy under a co-location agreement.
  • The Government also committed to re-establishing an Irish Embassy in Tehran by 2023.
  • The delegation will be travelling in full compliance with public health requirements and guidance in regard to essential travel.