Published on Saturday16thJune2018

Government seeks views on strategic risks facing Ireland

The Government has published the latest Draft National Risk Assessment and is calling for members of the public to give their views about what they regard as the most significant risks facing Ireland.

The Draft National Risk Assessment 2018 - Overview of Strategic Risks is the latest annual report looking at the strategic risks facing Ireland in terms of the economy and the environment, as well as geopolitical, technological and social risks.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar called on members of the public to submit their views on the Draft Report.

It’s important that we all debate and discuss these strategic risks, and what they mean for the country, so we can plan and work to avoid the consequences. The more people that get involved and submit their views, the more accurate the final report will be when it’s published later this year. The report is designed to stimulate debate so that we avoid group-think and have a genuine consultation. This should help us to develop new thinking, avoid repeating past mistakes and prevent new ones.

New risks have emerged since last year’s National Risk Assessment was published and some existing ones have evolved. The impact of social media on public debate emerged this year as a new risk in Ireland, along with the risk of an overheating economy.

The risks arising from Brexit have developed significantly and remain very prominent, while other risks include international uncertainty on tax and trade, climate change, access to a secure energy supply, and limits in our capacity to develop new infrastructure and skills.

The National Risk Assessment process has highlighted a number of important issues since the first report was published in 2014, including the earliest official acknowledgments of the risks arising from a potential Brexit.

The National Risk Assessment is a collaborative process that includes several stages of consultation and discussion. The list of risks in this new draft report was prepared following an Open Policy Debate held last April.  It is now open for public consultation before the report is finalised.

Submissions on the draft list of risks identified are being sought and can be made to by Wednesday 20 June. Submissions can include responses to the questions listed in the document, including in relation to the identification of further significant risks.

View the Draft National Risk Assessment here.