Published on Wednesday25thMay2022

Minister Ryan launches Public Consultation for the review of the National (Climate) Adaptation Framework

Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications, Eamon Ryan TD, has today (Wednesday, 25th May) launched a public consultation to review the National (Climate) Adaptation Framework.


The National Adaptation Framework, first published in 2018, sets out Ireland’s strategy for the application of climate adaptation measures across different Government sectors and bodies, including local authorities. The aim of the strategy is to reduce the vulnerability of the State to the negative impacts of climate change, but also to identify opportunities that may result from our transition to a climate-resilient economy and society.


Adapting to climate change involves action – to prepare for and to adjust to the effects of climate change, whether they may be current effects or predicted impacts. Climate adaptation here in Ireland may include actions to improve our resilience to flood events, to protect our critical infrastructure and to improve our biodiversity, amongst many others.


Launching the consultation, Minister Ryan said:


“Ireland must continue to ensure that we have a fit for purpose framework in place to reduce climate vulnerabilities. I welcome the review of Ireland’s National Adaptation Framework which is taking place this year. This will inform future climate adaptation policy. I urge members of the public, academics and other stakeholders to make their voices heard in this consultation.”


“The impacts of climate change are now an irreversible reality for every country, including Ireland. The recent IPCC report stressed that human influence on climate change, that has warmed our atmosphere, water and land, is undeniable. While the most extreme impacts can still be avoided through enhanced adaptation and mitigation efforts, human-induced emissions have crossed a threshold; some effects are irreversible and are now locked in.”


The strategic vision of the National Adaptation Framework is to develop a ‘climate resilient Ireland’. The Framework sets out a high-level ambition – to build the capacity of Ireland’s social, economic and environmental systems – to cope with climate change. These systems must be equipped to respond or reorganise in ways that maintain their function, identity and structure, while also developing a capacity to adapt, learn and transform.


The public consultation, to inform the review of the Framework, is available here: - Public Consultation on Review of the National Adaptation Framework ( /


Members of the public, stakeholders and interested parties can make submissions via an online questionnaire. The closing time and date for submissions is 5:30pm on Wednesday, 20th July.






The National Adaptation Framework

Climate change is real and is happening now. People throughout Ireland have already experienced first-hand impacts of climate change, particularly through floods and storms and the damage that can ensue. Events like these, and the expected increase in their frequency, highlight the need for adaptation measures to help the country to cope with the effects of climate change.

The scale and complexity of what we face demands a coordinated approach at both national and international levels. Climate change presents very significant challenges for Ireland, both in terms of mitigating our emissions and achieving national and international binding targets, as well as adapting to the effects of a changing climate. The Paris Agreement sets out a new path in the global effort to combat climate change, including how we adapt to its effects.


Human-induced climate change, including more frequent and intense extreme events, has already caused widespread and substantial impacts on nature and people and exposed millions globally to acute food insecurity and reduced water security.


The recent IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report – Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability – confirms that these climate impacts are now an irreversible reality for every country.


The Framework, and its constitutent sectoral adaptation plans, have and will inform adaptation action, including significant capital investment in flood adaptation measures. A primary objective of the National Adaptation Framework is to bring a clear and strong focus to both the challenges and to the opportunities for transitioning to a climate-resilient future. Also important is the need to have a positively focussed and cost-effective national transition agenda. The Framework must be reviewed by the end of 2022.


Email and postal submissions


Submissions to the consultation may be sent by email to: or by post to:


Public Consultation on the Review of the National Adaptation Framework

Aarhus, Climate Adaptation and Citizen Engagement Division

Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications

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