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If you have problems viewing the videos or playing audio clips, this may be due to your computer configuration, a security setting, or restrictions on updating plug-in programs.

In order to view video files and listen to audio files on this site you need to have Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) installed and JavaScript must also be enabled in your browser.

You can download and install Adobe Flash Player from the Get Adobe Flash Player website. Please note that you must uninstall previous versions of Flash Player prior to installation.

Help on enabling JavaScript is available from the sites of different browsers, some of which we have provided links to below:

Videos on this site are hosted on YouTube and can be watched on the site or on . If you are having difficulties playing videos on YouTube help is available by following the link provided below:

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Viewing and downloading PDF files

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print portable document format (PDF) files. You can download the Adobe Reader for free from the Adobe website

RSS Feeds

Most web browsers typically support RSS. Users of earlier browsers, such as IE6, will need an RSS reader or aggregator to subscribe to and receive RSS. The RSS Reader collects any feeds you subscribe to and displays them in your browser to view when it suits you.

Free or inexpensive RSS readers are available from a range of websites, which include MSN Live and Google.