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Inside CoderDojo: Ireland's Young Programmers

The highly successful Irish led CoderDojo, global network of computer clubs, is a place for young people to learn to code, develop websites, apps, games and more.

Since the first Dojo opened its doors only a year ago, CoderDojo has come a very long way with thousands of CoderDojo members learning valuable skills. The number of CoderDojo members is growing rapidly each week as new Dojos open up all over the world. As well as already having a number of clubs in Ireland, CoderDojo has recently seen a club open in Silicon Valley in California. Silicon Valley is home to many of the world's largest technology corporations and is a significant mark on the expansion of CoderDojo as it is so rare for an Irish tech brand to be imported into the United States.

Mentors volunteer to help young children learn important skills. Many of them are learning key web and coding skills that will equip them with the talent to build their own website and enhance their online presence. Already members of CoderDojo have received national and international recognition for the development work they are doing.

Minister of State Ciaran Cannon, who hosted a special CoderDojo class in Leinster House, said:

CoderDojos give our children the start they deserve. It is my hope that we can build on the success of CoderDojo to a point where we will have one in every parish throughout the country in the not too distant future. This movement is a fantastic example of community activism for the 21st century. It costs nothing and relies on the goodwill of our people, something we have always valued in the past. The CoderDojo model could also be used to provide our children with opportunities to acquire many new skills; opportunities that might not be available during normal school hours. spoke to some of the participants at the Leinster House CoderDojo class, including 12 year old programmer/entrepreneur Shane Curran, currently the CEO of


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