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Remembering 1916

2016 sees the centenary of the 1916 Rising. Events to mark the 100th anniversary of the Rising are taking place throughout the country and abroad, including a wreath laying ceremony at the GPO followed by a Parade on Easter Sunday 27 March. The President and the Taoiseach will attend. Further information about this event and the other State Ceremonials can be found here.

We spoke to members of the 1916 Relative's Association about their family members' involvement in the Rising, and what this year's commemoration will mean to them. Through a series of interviews, we recorded some of the oral history passed down through generations of families, which demonstrates the effects of the Rising both then and now.

View some of the documents, photos and memorabilia relating to those we interviewed below. 

The first in a four part series is our interview with Bróna Uí Loing, whose grandfather was Gerry Boland. Gerry fought under Thomas MacDonagh in the Jacob's Mill garrison. His brother Harry Boland was a member of the First Dáil and also took part in the Easter Rising, along with their younger brother Ned Boland.

You can watch the interview with Bróna below. 

You can watch our second interview, with Deirdre Nic Eanruig, below. Deirdre's grandfather John "Blimey" O'Connor was among a number of relatives of hers who fought in the Rising.

Our third interview is with Ciarán Holahan, whose grandfather Patrick Hugh Holahan was involved in the assault on the Magazine Fort in the Phoenix Park and was part of the Four Courts garrison. 

Our final interview was with Muriel McAuley, granddaughter of 1916 signatory Thomas MacDonagh and his wife Muriel Gifford. Muriel's grand-aunt Grace Gifford was married to another 1916 signatory, James Mary Plunkett. Muriel told us about her grandfather's garrison at Jacob's factory, how the Rising affected her family and the reason behind the setting up of the 1916 Relatives Association, which she is a member of. 

Muriel's grandmother died in 1917, the year after after her grandfather was executed for his part in the Rising, leaving their two children Donagh and Barbara.