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Spotlight on the IDA: Ireland's Industrial Development Agency

IDA Ireland is the Irish Government agency responsible for attracting foreign direct investment. The agency is currently working to achieve the targets laid out in their Horizon 2020 strategy, and recently reported that investment and job creation in 2012 put the organisation ahead of its target.

Over the course of the first three years (2010-2012) of the strategy, the IDA has secured 419 investments and delivered gross job gains of over 36,000

On publishing their 2012 statement, the organisation announced that the year had seen a net job creation of 6,570 jobs - the highest net job creation by IDA clients in a decade.

For more details on the IDA 2012 statement read the news story here.

For more information on the IDA, visit their website at

. spoke to Barry O'Leary, CEO of the IDA Ireland, and examined two companies that recently invested in Ireland - SAP and Nypro Healthcare. Watch the feature below...