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117,000 Carers receive Carer’s Support Grant payment this week


  • Payment increased by €150 to €1,850
  • Over €265 million in Carer’s Support Grant issuing this week


Friday, 4th June, 2021

The Minister for Social Protection, Heather Humphreys TD, has announced that the annual Carer’s Support Grant is being paid this week to some 117,000 carers.

This year the grant is being paid at the rate of €1,850 which is the highest rate of grant since its introduction.  Minister Humphreys secured an increase of €150 for the grant in Budget 2021.  The overall cost of the grant being paid this week is expected to be in the region of €265.2 million.

The Carer’s Support Grant is available to all carers who provide full-time care to an older person or a person with a disability, regardless of their means or social insurance contributions.

The grant is paid in respect of each person being cared for to take account of the additional cost of providing care and to recognise the particular challenges faced by these carers. Some 12,000 carers are providing care for two or more people and will receive a grant in respect of each person they are caring for.

The Carer’s Support Grant is paid automatically to to all recipients of Carer’s Allowance (whether full rate or half rate), Carer’s Benefit, or Domiciliary Care Allowance.  It is also available to other full-time carers who are not receiving any of these payments.  Full information on the Carer’s Support Grant is available on


Minister Humphreys commented:

“I am pleased to have secured an increase for the Carer’s Support Grant in Budget 2021 from €1,700 to €1,850, which is being paid this week.

“The past year has been a challenging one for everyone but especially our carers who have experienced additional challenges in supporting their loved ones.

“The increased rate of payment of the Carer’s Support Grant this year is made in recognition of the vital role our carers play in supporting their loved ones.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank all carers in Ireland for the vital and valuable contribution you play in our society and in all our local communities. Your commitment and work in supporting those that need help and support is hugely important and is greatly appreciated.”




Note for Editors


How to Qualify for Carer’s Support Grant

You automatically qualify for the Carer’s Support Grant if you get Carer's Allowance, Carer's Benefit or Domiciliary Care Allowance (DCA).

If you are not getting any of these payments, you may still qualify if you meet these conditions if:

  • you are 16 or over
  • you ordinarily reside in the Irish State
  • you care for the person full time
  • you have been caring for the person for a continuous period of at least six months, and this period includes the first Thursday in June
  • you live with the person you are caring for or you are contactable quickly by a direct system of communication such as a telephone or an alarm

You do not qualify for Carer's Support Grant if you are:

  • working, self-employed, or on a training or education course outside the home for more than 15 hours a week (18.5 hours a week from 1 January 2020). (Note: you must show us that the person you are caring for has adequate care while you are working, on an education course, or both)
  • getting Jobseeker's Allowance or Jobseeker's Benefit
  • signing on for credited contributions
  • living in a hospital, convalescent home or similar institution

If you are caring for more than one person, you will get a grant for each person cared for.

The Carer’s Support Grant is exempt from income tax, PRSI and USC.