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Taoiseach launches self-employed benefits awareness campaign

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty today launched a government awareness campaign to highlight the range of benefits available to people who are self employed.

A number of Government benefits have been extended to the self-employed, such as treatment benefits and the invalidity pension, and this campaign aims to raise awareness of the range of benefits available and to encourage the self-employed to find out, and apply for, the benefits they are entitled to.

Speaking at the campaign launch today the Taoiseach said:

Self-employed people make a hugely positive contribution to our economy. They are farmers, hairdressers, taxi drivers, shop owners, professionals and entrepreneurs of every variety in every county nationwide. They create their own job, and often create jobs for other people too. Each one of them has taken the decision to branch out and start a business or work on their own, and I believe the Government should support them in as much as we can.

We have extended a number of benefits to the self-employed, as part of our plan to make work pay and ensure the social insurance system is fairer. By cutting the USC and improving tax credits, as well as making benefits available such as paternity benefit, treatment benefit and the invalidity pension, we are putting money back in the pockets of self-employed people, while also giving them a stronger safety net. I would encourage all self-employed people to visit to check out their entitlements.

Self Employment Benefits Awareness

Minister Doherty said:

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection is extending the range of services for the self-employed, to ensure that there is support and assistance when self-employed people need them. Those services include the extension of treatment benefits, the invalidity pension, paternity and maternity benefits, the State pension (contributory). They also have access to social assistance (means tested) payments. I encourage everyone who is self-employed to make sure they know what they are entitled to.

Self Employment Benefits Awareness 02

More information on the range of benefits is available at