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Taoiseach to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel

The Taoiseach will travel to Berlin today to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Discussions will focus on the outcome of the UK referendum and its implications for the European Union. The Taoiseach will reiterate Ireland's own commitment to EU membership, and will call for a calm and measured approach to the negotiations with the UK.

Speaking before his departure, the Taoiseach said:

In Ireland, we very much see our future at the heart of Europe and this view is supported by the vast majority of the population.

The Taoiseach will also use the opportunity to outline Ireland's perspective on the upcoming negotiations to Chancellor Merkel and to highlight our particular concerns in relation to Northern Ireland, North-South relations, the Common Travel Area and our inter-connected trade.

The two leaders will discuss the future direction of Europe, with the Taoiseach indicating that progress should now be made on the issues which have broad support across the Union – such as investment, the single market, the digital single market, and counter-terrorism - and that this work should be communicated better to the public.