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Spring Legislative Programme published

The Legislative Programme for the forthcoming Oireachtas session has been published by the Government Chief Whip Jack Chambers TD.

The programme contains 32 bills for publication and prioritisation by Government ministers and was signed off on by Cabinet on Tuesday. It has been published following consultation with government departments, officials and the Attorney General.

Government Chief Whip Jack Chambers said he was pleased the cabinet has given its approval for the Legislative Programme which will see the continued delivery on the commitments outlined in the Programme for Government.

“The Legislative Programme sets out an ambitious and exciting agenda of work for the forthcoming Oireachtas session. This is the first Oireachtas session in our new post Brexit world which presents obstacles but also considerable opportunities for our country. We are also continuing to battle the COVID19 pandemic. It is essential the government prioritises the necessary legislation to allow our economy to grow, society to prosper once again and to ensure we can overcome the challenges we face now and into the future,” he said.

“Key legislation will be progressed in this term across a broad range of sectors including climate action, housing, health and transport.

“The Climate Action and Low Carbon Development (Amendment) Bill will significantly strengthen the statutory framework for Ireland’s response to the climate challenge and enforce climate targets. In addition, the Maritime Area (Planning) Bill under the Department of Housing will see a major expansion of Ireland’s renewable energy potential.

“A new Affordable Housing Bill will deliver on the promise in the Programme for Government to provide opportunities for families and young people to own their own homes which will be built to a high standard and available at affordable prices.

Minister Chambers added: “In a further boost to young families, the Parents’ Leave and Benefit (Amendment) Bill will be prioritised this session. In addition to extending leave entitlements, this important bill will also provide adoptive leave and benefits for same sex couples.

“There will be three pieces of health legislation for publication and prioritisation including the Human Tissue Bill which among other measures, will introduce an opt-out system of consent for organ donation while the Nursing Home Support Bill will place a cap on how much farmers and business owners have to contribute towards nursing-home costs.”

The Legislative Programme also delivers on the commitment in the Programme for Government to ban fur farming through the Animal Health & Welfare (Prohibition on Fur Farming) Bill. The Road Traffic (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill will deliver a raft of reforms in the sector including a new motor insurance database. The use of e-scooters will also be regulated and new laws will be introduced to tackle the scourge of scramblers bikes being operated in a dangerous manner in communities across the country.

In addition, work will continue on the development, drafting and progression trough the House of all other bills and not just those on the priority list.

Click here to see 2020 Spring Legislative Programme.