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How they did it: Randox Teoranta

CS_Randox_ART Dr. Peter FitzGerald, CBE FREng, Managing Director Randox Teoranta, Minister Joe McHugh T, Anna Ni Ghallachair, Chairperson, Údarás na Gaeltachta and Dr. Ciaran Richardson, R&D Manager Randox Teoranta

Almost 200 representatives of over 140 organisations supporting the Irish diaspora convened at the first ever Global Irish Civic Forum in Dublin this week, to discuss their work with Irish communities abroad. Reaching out to Irish citizens abroad and assisting emigrants returning to Ireland were two key topics discussed .

One company reaching out to the Irish diaspora to achieve an ambitious expansion target is Randox Teoranta, a world leading blood-sciences diagnostics company based in Dungloe, Donegal. In 2014, Randox Teoranta announced plans to invest €25m in plant, equipment, building works and R&D and to increase employment figures by 474, to 540, by 2020. Total recruitment will include 180 research scientist and engineers, 270 skilled life-sciences and engineering posts and 90 support staff.

Situated on the Atlantic coastline, Randox Teoranta's Donegal R&D and manufacturing centre conducts scientific research into conditions impacting human health such as Alzheimer’s and diseases of the kidneys and liver. Randox’s research requires advanced capabilities in life sciences, medical device engineering and software development and the company understands that harnessing the power of the local community and diaspora is key; drawing skills back to Donegal while optimising those in the local community.

Faced with the challenge of recruiting a significant number of staff with relevant skills and training, Randox looked to its local government agencies to help solve this issue.

Read on to find out who is helping Randox meet its ambitious expansion target, and how...

Increasing employment figures from 66 to 540 by 2020

Údarás na Gaeltachta, in particular, is helping Randox to achieve its ambitious recruitment targets by providing employment and training assistance, infrastructure support, and has been actively promoting the employment opportunities available at Randox, through a joint marketing and PR campaign. To date the #Dungloe2020 media drive with Údarás na Gaeltachta has targeted both the community and diaspora through newspaper and online coverage, advertising at Carrickfinn Airport and various bus companies, radio commercials, television news features and through several social media channels. 

The Department of Social Protection is identifying those on the unemployment register, who have those skills suited to positions at Randox.  So far the search has identified more than 100 people in Donegal alone who have honours degrees but who are without work.

Access to diaspora

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Irish Abroad Unit, have been assisting Randox to highlight the company’s activities through their global networks, to inform those with suitable skills who may be considering returning to Ireland. Donegal County Council have also provided a platform of engagement for Randox across the county’s diaspora networks, including introducing Randox to their science-related networks, use of their global eZine and social media channels, and the creation of a promotional video which dovetails the cutting edge science and engineering careers available with the quality of life offered by Dungloe.

Training and skills

Randox is actively working with the Letterkenny Institute of Technology to optimise its courses so that students have the employability skills required by Randox. Where there might be a shortage of suitable skills, the Education and Training Board has committed to running courses locally to bridge any gap.

How have these partnerships helped Randox to recruit suitable staff?

Randox has experienced a marked increase in both the quality and number of applicants for #Dungloe2020 positions. The support provided by government agencies has greatly assisted the company in its drive to increase employment levels from 66 to 540 by 2020. Randox has a high degree of optimism that these ambitious recruitment targets will be achieved.

About Randox

Randox is a global market leader within the in vitro diagnostics industry, developing cutting edge, innovative, diagnostic tests and technology for hospitals, clinical, research, veterinary and molecular laboratories. Randox also provides food testing and forensic toxicology services, products to support R&D for the life sciences industry.

Randox has offices and distribution in more than 145 countries. Headquartered in County Antrim, the company has additional manufacturing and research and development facilities in Manchester, London, West Virginia and India, as well as in County Donegal. The site in Donegal is a state-of-the-art life-science and engineering R&D and manufacturing centre and is a core component of Randox’s global capability.

5% of the world’s population is diagnosed using Randox products; the company aims to increase this footprint to 10% by 2020.

About the Global Irish Civic Forum

The first ever Global Irish Civic Forum saw almost 200 representatives of over 140 organisations working with the Irish diaspora gather to share their experiences. Among the diverse organisations represented at the conference are those which provide support to vulnerable emigrants; those which promote Irish culture abroad; Irish-focused business networks and campaign groups for emigrants.

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