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Government announces plans for more affordable childcare


Minister Zappone and Minister Varadkar with Max (6) and Oscar (4) Waters & Tadhg (3) and Sadhbh (1) Litton announcing affordable childcare

Government has agreed its plan to make childcare more affordable from September using the additional €19m of childcare funding agreed in Budget 2017. Minister Katherine Zappone said:

Moving from one of the most expensive childcare systems in the world to the best is ambitious. It is a journey we will take one step at a time. Today we are confirming that parents of 70,000 children will start feeling the benefit in their pockets from September. This is a significant step forward.

Children aged from 6 months through to 15 years will benefit with the highest levels of supports aimed at those families with the lowest incomes.

Social Protection Minister Leo Varadkar said:

The action the Government is now taking builds on progress made already like the two years of free pre-school, extended maternity leave and the introduction of paternity leave with universal subsides for all children under 3 and targeted additional support for low and middle income families. It's a major step forward and will open up opportunities for more parents to enter the workforce, secure new qualifications and improve living standards for themselves and their families.

The public information campaign will provide detailed information, through a variety of sources, to ensure everyone who needs to find out more will be able to so.  It will be targeted at low-income families and those with children under three years old. It will also target more than 3,000 childcare providers through the country.

Questions and Answers for Parents and Providers