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Treatment Benefits: Giving You More for Your PRSI

Since March 2017, for the first time, the Treatment Benefit Scheme was extended to the self-employed. Budget 2017 also provided that, from October 28th, certain dental and optical benefits be restored for everyone, employed and self-employed, who have paid sufficient PRSI contributions.

These benefits are now available to 2.5 million people, including 450,000 self employed people such as farmers and small business owners and their spouses, who pay PRSI.

We are providing equality of access to treatment benefits and, consequently, creating a fairer PRSI system for contributors.

The Optical scheme will once again cover the provision of glasses, either free or subsidised if an upgrade design is chosen, or provide a contribution towards contact lenses. Repairs to glasses will also be covered under the extended scheme, in addition to the previously available free eye examination.

The Dental scheme sees the re-introduction of cleanings, either an annual scale and polish or more extensive periodontal gum treatment if clinically required.  These treatments will be available in addition to the previously available free annual dental exam.

Medical Appliance Benefit (Hearing): Benefits available under the medical appliance scheme remain unchanged; covering a payment of 50% towards the cost of a hearing aid, up to a maximum payment of €500 per aid.

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