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Autumn legislative programme published

Government Chief Whip Jack Chambers TD has published the legislative programme which contains 30 bills for publication and priority by Ministers in the autumn Oireachtas session.

The programme, which was approved by Cabinet yesterday, is published following extensive engagement and consultation in recent weeks with government departments, officials and the Attorney General.

Government Chief Whip Jack Chambers said:

I am pleased cabinet has today signed off the Legislative Programme for the autumn session. The programme is an exciting and ambitious legislative agenda which will deliver on many of the commitments outlined in the Programme for Government.

There are a number of immediate challenges the Government is working hard to address including the Covid19 pandemic, enhancing our climate ambition, housing delivery and Brexit preparations.

Bills such as the Affordable Housing Bill, which will see a new affordable housing scheme put in place, the Companies (Corporate Enforcement Authority) Bill, and new Climate Action Bill, will help us to rebuild our economy and regenerate our society.

We are prioritising important legislation in this term so the country is able to overcome many of the challenges we face but also to embrace opportunities for the future.”

2020Autumn Legislative Programme.docx (size 42.8 KB)