Following a successful pilot project, the Health Innovation Hub is going national with €5m in funding to be delivered over 5 years. Find out how this initiative plans to create jobs in the sector, and improve patient care.

Government's National Skills Strategy sets out plans to ensure Ireland has the skills to meet workforce needs now and in the future. We've the strategy's headline actions.

From 60 people in the 1980s, Ireland's IFS sector has grown to 38,000 jobs. We've put together key stats to know about the industry.

The results of ID2015 are in. Find out how the initiative helped promote Ireland's design sector, and showcased 2,000 Irish designers in 160 locations around the world.

Find out how one company used Action Plan for Jobs supports to learn how to boost its productivity. The result? 50% increase in productivity.

This pilot training project helped PPD meet a skills need, while in turn provided training for people on the Live Register. Find out the programme's results, and why this model is now being rolled out.

We've details of a new competitive fund which aims to incentivise innovative collaborative projects that have the greatest capacity to create jobs

Don't have time to read through 125 pages of Government's latest jobs plan? We've distilled down the key things to know for business in the fifth in a series of jobs plans to create the right conditions to create jobs.

Government's Pathways to Work strategy includes 86 dedicated actions to be implemented over the next five years. We've answered the top questions you may have about the strategy.

Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland recently published their 2015 results, showing healthy growth across regions and sectors last year. So how did they do?


Government Programmes

There are two complementary, Government-wide plans to tackle the jobs challenge:

APJ 2015Action Plan for Jobs
Find out how Government Departments and Agencies work together to improve conditions for creating jobs.

Pathways to Work

Check out the Government’s four-year strategy to radically reduce the number of people on the Live Register.